Hello, people of the Rhythm Thief Wiki! I'm Heroine of Time. I'm rather new here, but I've really enjoyed making edits this past week or so. I'm in the process of replaying Emperor's Treasure, and I've been recording a lot of information as I go along so that I can add it here. (I also just got a new phone that grants me reliable access to the internet, so I'll probably be able to start playing through Paris Caper now, which I installed about a month ago but never played due to the online requirement.)

But anyway, I wanted to post this blog because I intend to request to adopt this wiki. I do feel kind of bad doing so, since there are at least three users who have made more edits than me and have been here longer, but... I'm willing to be dedicated to this wiki for an extended period of time, and I really think it needs an active admin. I have a little bit of experience being the staff member of a wiki in the past, so hopefully I won't stumble through adminship too much, haha. Normally I'd wait for a little while, but I just want to get it done with. Especially since the front page is still calling Rhythm Thief "newly released"...

It doesn't seem like anyone else is active, but I figured I would make this blog just to make sure. If anyone else who has been here for longer would be interested in doing a joint adoption, feel free to let me know. I'd be more than happy to have share the responsibility of improving this wiki. After all, it's been three years... and I'm sure everyone here can agree that one of the best 3DS games out there deserves a complete wiki by now!

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