This page is a project which lists things that may benefit the wiki.

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Long TermEdit

Edits that are ongoing needs for the Wiki.

Action Status To-Do Urgency
Re-tag Categories Incomplete Both the files' and articles' categories need to be checked and corrected. High
Fix Images Incomplete Delete unwanted images, images with bad quality, and duplicates. Make character images transparent, change .jpeg or .jpg images to .png (for higher quality), and make Paris Caper item and accomplice images transparent. High
Wanted Pages Incomplete High
Character Pages Incomplete Major characters must have a navigation at the top of their page with links to subpages (ex: Raphael). All other characters don't need it since there's not much known about them. High
References Incomplete Adding references to pages. High

Short TermEdit

Edits that are short term needs for the Wiki.

Action Status To-Do Urgency
Infobox Templates Incomplete The Location infobox, Item infobox, and Accomplice template need to be added to pages. High
Albums Incomplete The Special Selection album page needs to be created as well as the Premium DVD. High
Events Incomplete Events that feature Rhythm Thief must be created (ex: TGS 2011). High
Song Pages Incomplete Song pages for tracks with lyrics in them need to be created (ex: je te dis au revoir‏, cheering marie). High
Puzzles Incomplete The small puzzles that occur in the game need to be documented along with photos (ex. unlocking the secret entrance to the louvre, unlocking security). High
Streetpass Incomplete Characters that can be seen in Streetpass and characters with specific dialogue must be added. The text box for the dialogues may need to be remodeled. High

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