The Queen's Pendant is an item in Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure.


The Queen's Pendant is a pendant formerly owned by the Duchess Elizabeth. The diamond in the center is known as the “Queen’s Tear”. It is one of the keys to completing the Dragon Crown, along with the Cross of the Sun King. The pendant is now owned by the Raphael who uses it to complete the Dragon Crown.


Raphael first hears about the Queen's Pendant during a conversation between Isaac and Napoleon in Napoleon's Hideout. They mention its role in completing the Dragon Crown, so Raphael plans to find it before they do. After doing some research on the pendant by questioning Alàn and searching the Paris Archives, he learns that it is currently in the possession of the Elisabeth.

At the Paris Opéra, Phantom R arrives at the VIP Salon to steal the pendant from Elisabeth. However, she challenges him to defeat her butler Alfred, promising to give him the pendant if he does. After successfully beating the minigame Throwdown with Alfred, Elisabeth gives him the pendant without complaint, explaining that it was only a burden for her.