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"Stop right there, Phantom R! For the appropriation of cultural artefacts, I arrest you!"
— Inspector Vergier when he has the thief Phantom R cornered, Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure

Inspector Paul Vergier (ボードワン, Bōdowan) is an antagonist in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. He is a police inspector hell-bent on imprisoning Phantom R for his crimes. He has a child named Charlie, whom he somewhat dislikes for getting in the way of his job of solving the Mystère Incident.

Emperor's TreasureEdit

Chapter 1: Chance EncounterEdit

Inspector Vergier appears after Phantom R steals the Braclet of Tiamat. He wants him to tell everything he knows about an "incident" when he is arrested. Vergier sends the famed Paris Rollerskate Brigade after Phantom R, which leads to the minigame, Le Getaway.

Chapter 2: On the Trail of the MarkEdit

In the Paris Constabulary, Vergier discusses with Loic, unbeknownst to them that Phantom R was eavesdropping. Vergier says that letting Phantom R escape was his fault, and Loic is concerned about him not being able to return home and putting his duty first than his family. Loic also mentions that Vergier was working non-stop on this case ever since his wife died. Vergier says that after solving this case, he would have more time with his kid.

Chapter 4: The Paris OpéraEdit

Vergier discusses with Jean-François about the notice that Phantom R had sent, which stated that he will steal the Queen's pendant. When Jean-François questions about who Phantom R is, Vergier explains that he is a thief that steals artwork and returns them the next day without a scratch. Jean-François doesn't seem to care at all about him and only cares that the Duchess is safe.

Later, Vergier has another discussion with Loic. Loic reports that there are no suspicious people seen so far. Vergier says that Charlie should just leave Phantom R to the police. When both of them leave, Vergier accidentally drops a Vergier family photo with Vergier himself, a woman that appears to be Charlie's mother, and Charlie as a baby. Phantom R picks up this photo for later use.

After Phantom R had successfully obtained the Queen's pendant, Vergier suddenly appears, which causes Phantom R to flee. He manages to escape, leaving another loss for Vergier.

Chapter 8: Marie's SecretEdit

Chapter 9: Weapon in the CloudsEdit

Chapter 10: Parting WaysEdit

Paris CaperEdit

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