Throwdown with Alfred - Remix is a minigame in Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper.


The player must help Phantom R dodge Alfred's attacks.

When Alfred strikes in a certain direction, the player must tap the corresponding icon. Tapping the blue icon lets Phantom R dodge left, tapping the red icon to the right makes him dodge right, and tapping the green icon in the center makes him duck. In the Impossible version of this minigame, Alfred may switch sides numerous times before finally striking, and the player must tap the icon that corresponds with his final direction.


  • This song and minigame are both a variation on the Emperor's Treasure minigame, Throwdown with Alfred.
  • Alfred makes a different sound when he attacks in the middle. In Emperor's Treasure, he says, "Let's go!" In Paris Caper, he makes a "Hwah!" sound.