Sneaking and Entering is a minigame in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure.


Hide behind the plants!
Touch the icon that matches the flowers' colour.
Touch the icon on the Touch Screen.

The player must help Phantom R infiltrate the Paris Constabulary without being caught by the guards. He must hide behind flowered bushes to the beat in order to do so.

Pressing the yellow top-left icon will make Phantom R pull a pose to hide behind a glowing yellow flowered-bush; the top-right for a glowing red flowered-bush; the bottom-left for a glowing blue flowered-bush; and the bottom-right for a glowing green flowered-bush.

On occasion, there will be a row of bushes that have red leaves and one guard watching over them; when close, Phantom R calls out the number of them, and the player must press the corresponding icons one after the other in sequence.

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