Sneak 'n' Peek is a minigame in Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper.


The player must help Phantom R infiltrate the Louvre without being caught by the guards. He must hide behind statues to the beat in order to do so. Each statue has a different rhythm.

There are four colored icons for the player to use to hide behind statues. Pressing the yellow mid-right icon makes Phantom R pull a pose to hide behind a glowing yellow statue; the far right for a glowing red statue; the far left for a glowing blue statue; and the mid-left for a glowing green statue.

Before hiding behind each statue, there are warning signals to help the player determine which color statue is ahead. For a yellow statue, a yellow question mark (?) followed by a yellow exclamation point (!) appears above Phantom R's head in a one-two pattern. For a red statue, it's the same as a yellow statue, except the warning signals are a bit slower. For a blue statue, it's the same as a yellow statue, except the warning signals are a bit faster. Finally, for a green statue, only an exclamation point shows as a warning signal.

In the Formidable version of this minigame, occasionally two or three statues are placed in a row. Phantom R will call out the number of statues and the player must press the corresponding icons one after the other in time with the rhythm.

In the Impossible version of this minigame, some new statues are introduced that require two icons at a time to be pressed.


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