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Minigame:A Beat of My OwnMinigame:A Father's DutyMinigame:Arabian Knights
Minigame:Backbeat Battler!Minigame:Battle DiaboliqueMinigame:Battle at the Eiffel Tower
Minigame:Bite the Bobbies' Bums!Minigame:Bone AppétitMinigame:Charlie Takes the Field
Minigame:Cheering MarieMinigame:Cheering Marie - RemixMinigame:Chevalier Showdown
Minigame:Cookin' on GasMinigame:Destroyer DiaboliqueMinigame:Elegant Infiltration
Minigame:En Garde, Jean-FrançoisMinigame:Enter the WaiterMinigame:Family Ties
Minigame:Feel the MagicMinigame:Flight from the GardensMinigame:Fondue to the Rescue
Minigame:Friend vs. FauxMinigame:Gone with the WindMinigame:Harder than Hard-Boiled
Minigame:Hurry Up and WaitMinigame:It's Dog ShowtimeMinigame:Le Getaway
Minigame:Le Thème DiaboliqueMinigame:Looting the LouvreMinigame:Looting the Louvre - Remix
Minigame:Looting the Louvre ReduxMinigame:Love Me, Love My Backup DancersMinigame:Mastermind
Minigame:Mega-Rhythm KitchenMinigame:Melody of HopeMinigame:Moon Princess
Minigame:Napoleon's HideoutMinigame:On Dangerous GroundMinigame:Onward Through the Dark
Minigame:Operation: LoveMinigame:Operation: Power of LoveMinigame:Orpheus in the Underworld
Minigame:Phantom FondueMinigame:Phantom Fondue - RemixMinigame:Phantom Notes
Minigame:Phantom from the OperaMinigame:Ping-Pong RallyMinigame:Rematch (Badinerie)
Minigame:Rematch with CharlieMinigame:Restaurant TestMinigame:Return of the Faux Phantom R
Minigame:Rhythm KitchenMinigame:Rooftop Run Act 2Minigame:Samba Carnival
Minigame:Second HelpingMinigame:Shall We Dance?Minigame:Sharp Shooter!
Minigame:Showdown (Harpsichord Concerto)Minigame:Showdown by MoonlightMinigame:Showdown with Napoleon
Minigame:ShowtimeMinigame:Showtime - RemixMinigame:Sneak 'n' Peek
Minigame:Sneaking and EnteringMinigame:Tango de FondueMinigame:The Faux Phantom R
Minigame:The Faux Phantom R (Paris Caper)Minigame:The Last DanceMinigame:The Last Dance - Remix
Minigame:The True ChevaliersMinigame:Through the Hanging GardensMinigame:Throwdown with Alfred
Minigame:Throwdown with Alfred - RemixMinigame:Throwdown with NapoleonMinigame:To the Eiffel Tower
Minigame:To the Manor BorneMinigame:Trying TryoutsMinigame:Twilight of the Chevaliers
Minigame:Vergier vs. the ChevaliersMinigamesMoon Princess
Musée RodinMusée d'Orsay StationNapoleon
Notre Dame CathedralOliveOrpheus in the Underworld (Song)
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