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Fondue (フォンデュ, Fondyu) is a major character in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. He is the protagonist Raphael's three year old pet dog. He accompanies Raphael with his thefts as Phantom R.

Two Years AgoEdit

Two years previously, before Raphael became Phantom R, he found Fondue on the streets being attacked by a cat. After scaring away the cat, he noticed that Fondue was abandoned and took him in, although he couldn't afford to look after both himself and another and that his apartment block didn't allow pets.

However, he looked after Fondue for a few days, but couldn't come up with a suitable name for him. Raphael suggested names like "Max" or "Sam." He finally settled on calling him "Dog," since Fondue didn't like any of the names he suggested. Raphael put up lost and found posters, but quickly realized why no one wanted Fondue. He was neither small nor cute, and ugly. He insisted that Fondue leave him as there was nothing else he could do for him.

A few days later, Raphael attempted his first theft from the Louvre. It didn't go successfully, but Fondue helped Raphael evade the police, saving him from being arrested by biting the constable's butts. Raphael thanked him and gave him some cheese fondue to eat. He decided to name Fondue after the dog's love of eating, in response to when he suggested for them to eat some fondue. Raphael also told him that he wasn't only his pet, but his partner.

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