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"I will apprehend you now, and prove my worth in the process."
— Charlie attempting to arrest the thief Phantom R, Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure

Charlie Vergier (クロード, Kurōdo), later Charlotte, is an antagonist and protagonist in Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. She is a girl around Phantom R's age who claims to be a detective.

Phantom R initially mistakes Charlie as a boy because of her tomboyish nature. She constantly tries to arrest Phantom R with her football skills, and proves to be a worthy adversary to Phantom R when she predicts his movements twice.

Emperor's Treasure Edit

Chapter 2: On the Trail of the MarkEdit

Charlie appears when Phantom R leaves police head quarters. She challenges Phantom R to a football (soccer) match in the street, which Phantom R wins, escaping with Fondue. Charlie wishes to apprehend Phantom R so she can be noticed by her father, Inspector Vergier.

Chapter 4: The Paris OpéraEdit

After getting the pendant from Duchess Elisabeth, Charlie appears on a glider to get her revenge. She challenges Phantom R to another football match, losing when she tries to grab the football and falls from the building. Phantom R helps her up and escapes again.

Chapter 7: Saving MarieEdit

When Marie is captured, Phantom R figures that he needs Charlie's help. Everyone he asks says that Charlie's school had let out around that time, and that she was strangely wearing pink. Phantom R eventually finds Charlie at the Café and realizes that Charlie is in fact a girl.

Phantom R tries to save Marie at the Eiffel Tower but is shot by Jean-François, when another Phantom R appears on a glider. This other Phantom R is really Charlie. She saves Phantom R from being shot, gliding him to safety, and is relieved when he wakes up. She runs off to head quarters to alert the police of Napoleon's attack.

Chapter 9: Weapon in the CloudsEdit

When the Chevaliers sneak up on Charlie's father, Inspector Vergier, she quickly stops them with her soccer ball, reconciling with her father and helping to defend Paris.

Eventually, using the Eiffel Tower as Phantom R did, the police force board the Hanging Gardens. Charlie and Inspector Vergier help Phantom R fend off the real Chevaliers Diabolique.

After using the Bracelet of Tiamat to destroy the gardens' power source, they begin collapsing. In their escape, Phantom R, Marie and Fondue attempt a dangerous jump across a gap in the pathway. They don't make it, but are all saved by Charlie, who claims that it makes her even with him after he saved her.

Paris Caper Edit