• Heroine of Time

    Hello, people of the Rhythm Thief Wiki! I'm Heroine of Time. I'm rather new here, but I've really enjoyed making edits this past week or so. I'm in the process of replaying Emperor's Treasure, and I've been recording a lot of information as I go along so that I can add it here. (I also just got a new phone that grants me reliable access to the internet, so I'll probably be able to start playing through Paris Caper now, which I installed about a month ago but never played due to the online requirement.)

    But anyway, I wanted to post this blog because I intend to request to adopt this wiki. I do feel kind of bad doing so, since there are at least three users who have made more edits than me and have been here longer, but... I'm willing to be d…

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  • Blossom22234


    February 19, 2014 by Blossom22234

    Hello its Me Amber!

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  • SecretAgentB

    So, anyone want to share their Rhythm Thief scores? I'm willing to.

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  • Phantom R123


    July 28, 2012 by Phantom R123

    Hey Guys I have written a few Rhythm Thief Fanfictions so check them out at

    my pen name is KorraNation1

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